How to Customize a Rental Bathroom

One of the biggest problems with the rental apartments is that you cannot make customizations according to your requirements. Even if there is a problem, you cannot fix it without bringing it in the landlord’s notice. While other rooms may not be a problem for you, bathroom is the area which needs necessary tweaks in order to make it fulfilling. But, there are some things that you can certainly do to make customizations in the bathroom without violating renting laws.

Adding storage

While you may not be able to hit the nail with hammer in order to start creating storage, you can certainly work on portable storage. Unfortunately, most of the rental bathrooms don’t have enough of the storage. Portable storage caddies and wall mounted storage shelves can bring in design and storage at the same time.

Window dressing

The open windows can kill privacy of a bathroom. However, you can cover those windows with the help of curtains or window film. These covering materials come with variety of designs. You can choose one according to your taste in designs and colors.

Ugly tile

If you do not like the look of ugly tile in the bathroom, you don’t need to get it removed. You can simply bring in tile tattoos which are heavy duty stickers with their own color patterns. These stickers are so opaque that they completely conceal the real tile. When you move out, you can simple scrap the sticker.

Tension rod

You may find no option to hang your towels in the bathroom. Now, it can become tricky when you don’t have anything which you can use to hang your towels and you cannot drill a hole in the tile. In that case, you can bring in tension rod. You can adjust it between the walls and without needing to hammer the nails.


Rental bathrooms do not have the lighting which most of the tenants like because of personal preferences. And, the fixtures of bathrooms may not look fine in the shade of that ugly light. Changing the light is not something which requires permission from your landlord. However, you will certainly need to ask your landlord if you want to update the entire fixture setting.

Colors and patterns

While painting may not be an option, you can bring in accessories to make overall design better. Certain accessories along with the towels, curtains and decorative pieces can create amazing patterns.

Freestanding furniture

Freestanding furniture can bring great character inside the bathroom. You can bring in a stool, standing cabinet and even a chair to make overall design customized according to your requirements.

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